Monday, December 20, 2010

I'm SO Blessed!

Alright, so it's Christmas break and I have truly realized I am SO blessed! I am homeless, yet God has provided this awesome family that has welcomed me into their home with open arms. I have the opportunity to sleep here, eat here, and stay here for 3 weeks! I don't deserve this one bit, but our God knows how much I need this during this rough time.

December is the hardest month of the year for me because of things that have happened in the previous years. In December of 2007 is when I left my real family (read previous blogs to learn more) and in December of 2009 is when I realized the Hobbs family was no longer "family". My heart is broken right now for all of the things that have happened during this month. I am so broken right now, not only for what has happened during this month in the past, but because it will never be the same. I will never again wake up on Christmas morning with my brother and wait to wake up my parents to open presents. I will never experience that again. I will never experience the joy I had in seeing how many things my mom has bought me for Christmas. I will never experience living in a home with my real family. I will never be able to have a relationship with my mom that I don't have to hide. 

BUT, I will experience the blessings of the little things that people do for me like this box of presents I received that I am not allowed to open until Christmas from some mysterious people at school. I will experience joy in knowing that I have an awesome God that will always be there for me and He will provide for me in HUGE ways. I will be able to have a relationship with my mom even if we don't talk all the time. I will be able to be so much more thankful for what I have now versus what I had then. I will be able to stand in awe of my God and what He has done through me since 2007. I will be able to share His love with others wherever He leads me. I will rejoice in the ways God is working in and through me. Our God is GOOD!

Since I have been at college I have learned the true meaning of the Christmas season--JESUS! Christmas is not about how many presents I receive or where I am living. Christmas is about Jesus. Christmas is about the birth of my Savior. CHRISTmas is about Jesus Christ. What a blessing it is to call Jesus my Savior and visibly see Him answer my prayers! It's so awesome to be able to know that my Daddy loves me more than anyone on this planet could ever "love" me. In this period of singleness, that's what I need to realize, that God loves me more. I can't fathom what God is doing in my life, with CCH, or on Trine University's campus, but I know that it is all awesome and that it's for His glory! 

Conclusion---God is GOOD! :)

In Christ,

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