Wednesday, November 17, 2010

You Are More

God has laid the song "You Are More" by Tenth Avenue North on my heart this week. The song has come up on my iPod at least 3 times a day. If you have not heard the song, then go to this link and watch it on YouTube. Honestly, you have to watch the music video, don't just look up the lyrics or listen to the song because the music video just makes the song 100 times better. 

The chorus of the song is---
You are more than the choices that you've made,
You are more than the sum of your past mistakes,
You are more than the problems you create,
You've been remade. 
Wow! WE ARE MORE! God made us NEW when we accepted Jesus into our hearts! All of those things that are in the back of your head, all of those mistakes you made, the times you let your sinful nature take over your actions, NONE of those matter. We have been REMADE! Hallelujah! I have been brought to tears several times while listening to this song. God is reassuring me that everything in my past does not matter. Jesus died on that cross for me. He died so that I could be made new. He died for me. He died for you. No matter how far away from God you are, He is one step away. My prayer is that everyone who reads this blog would realize that everything in their past does not matter because God has made us new. 

I know that God has a plan in my brokenness for this song. I hope I can really truly believe that the price has been paid for the things that I have done. Sometimes I get so caught up on what could have been or what should have been, but I can't do anything about it. I must move forward and know that God has forgiven me. I don't deserve any of this forgiveness. None whatsoever. BUT God keeps giving it to me every day. Why does He treat each of us so good? I can't get over how awesome our God is. The fact that God forgives us sinners that do things that don't honor Him every single day, but He's always there telling us to follow Him and He will provide a way. 

God's plan is perfect. Jesus is perfect. We are NOT perfect. We need Jesus. We need Jesus every day. We need to pursue a deeper relationship with Jesus so that we can get to know Him more. We need to truly believe in our hearts that God is our healer and our protector. We need to be reassured that we are remade in the image of Christ.

Remember, the God of this universe loves you SO much!

In Christ,
Brandi :)


  1. Hey! I am so happy when I read your joy in the Lord. :) I shared this song with my sister today and thought you would enjoy it too. He was on American Idol a while ago and sings Christian music now. I thought it was encouraging.

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