Thursday, January 6, 2011

Accountability Group

Sarah Clark and I were accountability partners my freshman year, and we have sort of been since then. Last fall, Sarah and I started texting each other daily to make sure we would spend time with Jesus reading the Bible. I'll be honest, four out of seven days a week I most likely did NOT read my Bible. I needed something more than a text asking me if I read the Bible. The past week God has been doing some sweet stuff in both of our lives. Conviction, revelation, praises, you name it, God has done it in our lives. The church that Sarah is a part of back home is doing a year long Bible study of key chapters in the Bible, one chapter a day. Sarah asked me if I would like to join with her and read the Bible to help us keep each other accountable. We decided that we wanted to email each other what God spoke to us through the chapters and what we learned. While talking to one of our friends, Dianna, we invited her to join with us on this journey of reading the Bible and holding each other accountable. Dianna decided it would be just what she needed to be motivated to actually read the Bible. Today, while skyping with Sarah and 3 other people, God laid it on my heart to share with the people what we were doing and two of them, Kirstie and Tabitha decided they wanted to join in our group. After more conversations and sharing of what this group would look like, our group has grown to 9 people.

I personally know 5 of the girls, but I really don't know what all of their relationships with Christ look like. The other 3 girls, well I don't know them at all...YET! All 9 of us come from different walks of life, we are all at different parts of our spiritual journey, we all are seeking something bigger than ourselves, we are all college students, we all have busy lives, & we all need someone to hold us accountable to do something as simple as reading the Bible everyday! I'm still not certain of all the things God is going to do through this group of girls, but I know that He has big things in store. I know that if we all put God before ourselves and truly open up to what He can do through this group, then God's going to change every single one of us. I know that we have to submit to Him. I know that we have to be willing to open up to others that we don't know. I know that we will have to share our life with others. I know that we will need to share our struggles. I know that we will need to let God work through this group. I know that we will have to lean on God to keep this group close and drama-free. I know that we will have to keep each other accountable so that we can learn more about our Savior & glorify our King in the process.

Readers, please pray for this group of 9 girls. Pray that if God has laid it on someone's heart to join our group, that they would let someone know. Pray for the girls that are a part of this group; there names are Brandi, Sarah, Dianna, Megan, Guirlene, Stephanie, Kirstie, Tabitha, and Jackie. God knows where each of us are on our spiritual journey-pray for our journeys. Pray that as a group we can seek Christ together and seek what His will is for us. Pray that God would convict each of us to share our struggles & pray that God would work through these struggles. Pray that we would submit to God's Will in our lives. Pray that we would become a people of prayer for others in the group and every part of our lives. Pray that we will daily hold each other accountable for reading the Bible. Pray that God would use us in our place of work, wherever that may be now or upon graduation. Pray for guidance for those who don't know what they are doing after graduation. Thanks for your prayers, God hears every single one of them :)

In Him, 
Brandi :)

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