Saturday, January 15, 2011

Kenya, KeNyA, KENYA!!!!

Not only Kenya, but Nairobi, Kenya. Christian Missionary Fellowship International (CMFI) has a summer internship program called REACH where I will have the opportunity to go to Kenya and share the Gospel with the people that live in the slums. Ways that this organization is reaching out to those in the slums are: child sponsorship, community health evangelism, microfinance, HIV/AIDS outreach, spiritual development, etc. I will be working alongside Kenyan nationals making home visits, reaching out to families, helping to educate them, bringing light into their homes, helping with the AIDS support groups, etc. One of the wonderful ladies that helped me through the application process and such told me that the people in Nairobi are really open to hearing the Gospel. God has blessed me with the ability to share the Gospel. I am really excited to share it with people who may have never heard it before. I can't fathom how much God is going to stretch me this summer!

Here's the schedule for when I will have training, be in Kenya, and debriefing.

PreDeparture Orientation (in Indianapolis), June 2-7
On the fieldJune 8-August 2
Debrief (in Indianapolis), August 3-6

For 8 weeks I will be living in the slums of Nairobi. For 8 weeks God is going to stretch me. For 8 weeks I will be sharing the Gospel to those who don't even know the name Jesus. For 8 weeks I will be in a different country, learning a different culture. For 8 weeks I will be blessed with the opportunity to reach out to children, teenagers, adults, and even the elderly. For 8 weeks I will learn what it is like to serve others wholeheartedly. For 8 weeks I will be living without running water. For 8 weeks I will be serving God. For 8 weeks I will be becoming the missionary God has called me to be. For 8 weeks my heart is going to be broken for this city and nation.

A girl that went to Nairobi last summer wrote what a normal day is like while living in the slums. Here is a link It really touched me when I read… I’m amazed at the poverty. The smell is sour … like puke, poop, and rotting flesh/food/clothes all mixed together. Burning mounds of trash fill the air with smoke. I find myself fighting tears as I pass young boys with glue bottles stuck to their faces and passed out in alleys.” I’m going to be broken and torn down by what these people face every single day. I’m going to be even more thankful for all that God has blessed me with. I can’t wait for this experience.

Prayer Requests
©  For God to provide funds for me to go on the trip (I’m not sure of the number yet, but I will find out next week)
©  For God to break my heart daily for the people I am going to meet.
©  For God to give me patience as I wait for the trip.
©  For God to raise up believers to join me in prayer for this trip daily.
©  For God to provide me with the time I need to raise support.
©  For my teammates to trust God in providing and for our group to be united together through Christ’s love.
©  For God to start transforming me today. (REACH’s slogan is—Transform youth, the poor, communities, you)
©  For me to look at my schoolwork as doing work for the Lord—Colossians 3:23.
©  For me to seek God daily and trust that this is His good & perfect Will for me to go to Nairobi.

Thank you for your prayers!

In Christ,

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